Clinical Research Associate

  • To accomplish the tasks of a project assigned by the Project Manager
  • To initiate, monitor and close-out clinical study sites
  • To provide the Project Manager effective, correct and timely information on the projects
  • To be the central point of communication between MMR and Investigators for all clinical trial related activities
  • To assure trials are conducted on time while being fully GCP, ICH and MMR/Sponsor SOP compliant
  • To perform pre-investigational site visits
  • To participate in site nomination process; evaluate site capability and make recommendation for inclusions for clinical trial
  • To make regular contacts with investigators and complete the necessary forms
  • To facilitate preparation and collection of site level documents
  • To facilitate communication between sites and MMR as appropriate
  • To perform initiation visits
  • To perform monitoring visits according to the monitoring plan (if available), and to check informed consents, SDV as well as noting protocol violations
  • To write site visit reports and complete all the necessary forms and contact reports to assign a date for an upcoming visit at the end of each monitoring visit
  • To provide all kinds of logistic support required for a project (Lab. supplies, etc.)
  • To facilitate and manage site drug supplies
  • To participate in trial site training activities, as assigned
  • To be constantly alert for AE/SAE for immediate reporting
  • To fill in visit log forms and prepare updated status reports
  • To ensure site activities are in line with milestones (i.e. startup, patient recruitment, closeout, etc.)
  • To manage patient recruitment implementing appropriate contingency plans as needed
  • To perform site close out visit
  • To assure compliance of GCP, ICH and MMR/Sponsor SOP (Informed Consent Process, Source Data Verification, AE and SAE Reporting, SUSARs, Protocol, Drug Accountability etc.).
  • To resolve deviations from standards by taking remedial action and training
  • To perform data query resolution process (both at Site and with Data Management)

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